Have your real Christmas Tree delivered to your door this year with Ruxley Manor and Needlefresh!

Pre-Orders are now open!

Who are Needlefresh?

Ruxley Manor and Needlefresh have worked together for years to bring you the best Christmas Trees the UK has to offer. If you’ve bought a real Christmas Tree from Ruxley Manor in the past, there’s a very good chance it was grown on Needlefresh’s Christmas Tree farm.

Needlefresh was founded nearly 25 years ago by a group of growers passionate about growing top quality Christmas trees. The aim was to supply their trees direct through specialist retailers. A small dedicated team coordinate the supply from the growers direct to all parts of the UK, with each grower sending their trees direct from the field.

How does it work?

It’s really simple! Follow the link below which will take you to Needlefresh’s new online service – from there you have two choices. You can let the team at Needlefresh know which kind of tree you would like and one of their experts will find a beautiful tree that matches that description, or you can choose your specific tree from a gallery on their site.

Once you’ve chosen, it works the same as any online shop – you pop in your details and the tree is yours! Needlefresh will begin delivering trees from 23rd November, but we recommend getting in quick as demand, this year particularly, will be quite high!

Please note, the link below will take you to Needlefresh’s website, so you will be sharing your personal information with them and not Ruxley Manor.

queries about orders

If you have any queries about ordering, or about your order, please follow this link and contact Needlefresh directly – Ruxley Manor will not hold any order information and unfortunately won’t be able to help with these orders.

Real Christmas Trees Delivered