Christmas Lights – An Illuminating Guide

Posted on October 12, 2020

There’s nothing better at bringing the magic of Christmas to your home than beautiful twinkling Christmas lights – but there are a lot of styles and colours of string lights available. Ruxley Manor’s Christmas Shop is here to shed some… light… on the differences between Cluster, Compact, Micro & Twinkle as well as a quick overview on the most common Christmas light colours.

What is a twinkle light?

Twinkle lights are the original style of Christmas light. They are evenly spaced, most now use LED bulbs (which last longer and are far more energy efficient) and come in a variety of colour options. If you’re after a nostalgic, traditional feel for your Christmas tree and displays – twinkle lights are the way to go!
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What is a cluster light?

Cluster lights are very similar to the original Twinkle light design, however, they are much more closely spaced together. Cluster lights are great for displays and smaller trees and come in a variety of colour combinations to fit any style.
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What is a compact light?

Compact lights are smaller than twinkle or cluster lights, both in bulb/fitting size and usually in length. They’re great for drawing attention to decorations or framing other display items. Although not usually used on large trees, they can look stunning wrapped closely to the trunk of a tree to compliment other Christmas light decorations.
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What is a micro light?

Micro lights are the smallest Christmas lights available, usually just small LED bulbs linked by thin wire. They can be incredibly subtle and come with a range of cable colours to help you better blend them into your other decorations. They have a very low energy consumption and give off a soft, comforting light in a multitude of colours.
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What’s the difference between Warm White and Cool White or Ice White?

Most Christmas Lights will be available in one of three colour options – Warm White, Cool White (or Ice White) and Multi-Coloured. When it comes to Christmas Lights, white is not just white!
Warm white Christmas lights give of a soft, orange-tinted glow, whilst Cool white (or Ice white) lights give off a sharper, slightly blue-tinted glow. Multi-coloured are the traditional red, green, blue and white (usually warm) mix of colours.
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How many lights do I need for my tree?

This is a very good question and the answer can depend on how densely lit you would like your Christmas Tree, however, we have written a short guide below for how many lights will evenly cover your tree based on your Christmas Tree’s height.

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