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Here at Ruxley, we want to give back to the local community, that's why we've decided to push our efforts further and give even more back. We want to see the community blossom and to do that we've accumulated a list of projects that we can undertake to help make this possible. Over the next few years we want to develop our projects into the community and watch them flourish. So keep your eyes on our website and social media to stay up to date with us and what we're doing to help the community.


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 Our sustainability


Sustainability is more than just an environmental issue, here at Ruxley we are integrating sustainability into the way we operate as the future is worth investing in. Sustainability will positively effect everyone and everything on our planet, so we're doing what we can to help make that happen.

customer notice in regards to plastic bags

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment we will no longer be offering plastic bags at Ruxley Manor’s till points. Whilst our new, recyclable paper bags are on their way to us we will be using previous event bags throughout the centre to ensure these do not go to waste. We know it’s a little early to start thinking about Christmas so please excuse the Grotto branding for the time being!

We would also like to let you know that when our new bags do arrive we will be charging 5p per bag in an effort to encourage our customers to reuse bags they already own. Recent reports have indicated that general supermarket plastic bag use has been reduced by 90% following the introduction of the charge, meaning less bags are being produced and wasted overall. Although ambitious we would love, with your help, to reach a similar number. We will notify you again via email, social media and in-store signage ahead of time before this charge is introduced to ensure you don’t get caught out.

If you’d like to find out more about the other ways we are working on reducing our impact on the environment please visit our Community & Sustainability section on our website.

Although we are working hard to reduce our single-use plastics we are aware that there is still a lot across the business – we are actively working internally, with our suppliers and supply chain and as an industry to find ways to continually reduce this and find more sustainable alternatives.


Although we are constantly making the conscience effort to eliminate plastic from our store, we still have a long way to go until we completely eliminate single use plastics at Ruxley Manor. But we are proud of what we have achieved so far.


We're making conscious efforts across the shop floor to also reduce plastic.

  • In our Outdoor Plants department they favour suppliers who provide their stock on recyclable packaging.
  • In our Lifestyle department we no longer sell disposable plastic straws, we now stock a range of reusable straws (not all sold singly) made from different materials, such as metal and paper. Soon a majority of the cards on sale in Lifestyle will be brought in and sold without cello wrap.


Our Mulberry Tree restaurant is making the conscious effort to eliminate the use of plastic. The Mulberry Tree has made a bold move to try and minimise the amount of single use plastic we have within the restaurant.

  • We have changed as many of our drinks to recyclable glass bottles as possible.
  • We have stopped as many of the condiment sachets as we can and now have a pump dispenser for our tomato ketchup and brown sauce.
  • All the straws in the restaurant are now biodegradable

November 2015 saw the installation of 723 solar panels which generate around 153,637.50 KWH, saving around 27.7% of previous grid usage. (It is also the equivalent of electricity needed for an electric car to travel 451,875 miles each year!)


In 2013 a new biomass boiler was installed on site which allows us to turn our unwanted pallets and timber into energy that now supplies heat and hot water to both the Food Hall and The Mulberry Tree Restaurant. An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) has been installed to assist in heating the covered areas of the site, the offices and Grace’s Day Nursery - supported by central heating systems only when necessary. The ASHP works by absorbing heat from the outside air and transfers that heat into our buildings across the site.


Our marketing team is cutting down on the plastics that they use on a daily basis. By the end of summer they're aiming to transition from laminated and plastic based signage to recyclable options, which will save over 1200kg of single use plastics over the course of each year. We're beginning to externally print our re-occurring product and seasonal signage, the results of printing our signage this way would mean our marketing department would use less paper and plastic based consumables.


Ruxley Manor recognises that the use of peat in growing media has a limited future; we feel it is essential to offer a peat-free option to limit the exploitation of new peat bogs. We are therefore working to promote the sale of reduced peat products in line with the current government guidelines. Our aim is to continue to reduce the amount of peat used in the making of compost and continue to promote the use of peat-free compost throughout the center.

We take an active role in encouraging our customers to recycle water in their gardens by offering a range of water-saving water butts. 

Currently we are working with suppliers to introduce non-black pots in our outdoor plants department which are kerbside recyclable, black pots are currently non recyclable due to the carbon pigment they are made with. Working with our local councils we are making sure that our plant pots are kerbside recyclable and therefore are not a single use plastic within our business.

At present Ruxley Manor’s aim is to recycle as much as possible and to continue to reduce the amount that is sent to land fill sites.


Currently 83% of general waste is recycled with the help and support from a local recycling company, minimising the wastage that gets sent to landfills. All of our green waste is composted in one of our two composting units that are on site.


80% of wood is recycled by either being sent to our local recycling depot, most wooden pallets are returned to our suppliers to re-use and any excess or waste timber is used in our Biomass Heater to provide heat to The Mulberry Tree Restaurant and the Food Hall.


With the investment of a cardboard compacting machine in 2008 we are now able to recycle 93% of our cardboard waste. All of our cardboard (around 375 tonnes a year) is baled in our compactor and sent to a Kentish paper mill for recycling.





  • Each year our staff choose two charities to fundraise for, our current charities are Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) and Mind in Bexley. 
  • We currently host Ruxley in Bloom, an annual gardening competition in association with the London Garden Society.
  • We have a range of activities throughout the year, from Pumpkin Carving for families with young children to Wreath Making Classes for young adults and adults.
  • Currently one of the sponsors for the Sidcup Rugby Club.
  • Holding an annual Christmas Late Night shopping, with all entrant money going towards our chosen charities.

Our Sponsored Team

Ruxley Manor is a proud senior sponsor of the Sidcup RFC this season (2019-2020). We're looking forward to seeing the team compete in the London Premier League this year.