Each year our staff vote for our two chosen charities, each respective charity that is chosen will receive donations and money raised from fundraising throughout the year to help support them and help keep the charity and its volunteers running.

Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR)

Second Chance Animal Rescue was founded in 2011 and is based in Crockenhill, Kent

Their vision is a world where every animal is free from harm and can lead a safe, happy and healthy life.

To do this they rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need, providing a safe place for animals of all shapes and sizes without a home. All animals that present themselves to them are cared for by a team of dedicated volunteers who work to find them a new, forever home or rehabilitate them back to the wild.  They believe that every animal has the right to live a healthy, happy life so never put a fit, healthy animal to sleep, and if they can't be found a permanent home then they will live the remainder of their lives at the rescue.

They are committed to promoting good animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, working to improve the lives of the animals and people in our community. They work with local partners such as schools, businesses and communities and attend a variety of events to raise awareness of the needs of animals and the work that they do.

"We aim to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome ill-treated or abandoned animals, providing them with a forever home at our sanctuary if they cannot be rehomed.  We could not do our work without the dedication of our volunteers and our supporters."

MIND in Bexley

Mind in Bexley is an independent, user-focused charity providing quality outcome-based services to make a positive difference to the Mental Health of the people of Bexley.

Mind in Bexley campaigns for the improvement of statutory services and fights the stigma and discrimination that many people with experience of mental or emotional distress still face.

They involve their volunteers and users of their services in their work, valuing diversity, focusing on quality and following the principles of co-production, social inclusion and recovery.