Compost & Stoneware

Whether you are sowing seeds, planting hanging baskets or potting up shrubs, selecting the correct type of compost is extremely important for the future health and growth of your plants.

In accordance with the Ruxley Manor Garden Centre Peat Policy, we are committed to offering peat-reduced or peat-free alternative potting composts. These contain organic materials such as composted bark, wood fiber, coir and green compost. Supplementary fertilisers may be required to increase nutrient levels.

We also stock a wide selection of decorative mulches including wood and bark chippings. Use these to suppress weeds and enhance the appearance of garden borders and paths- or for children’s play areas.

Elephant Statue
Buddha Statues

Ruxley Manor Garden Centre's stoneware department showcases one of the most extensive displays of statuary in the area. Classic Grecian-inspired statues stand proudly among a collection that includes animals, benches, bird baths, busts, pedestals, sundials, troughs and urns. Stone has a natural beauty which imbues a sense of elegance wherever it is placed, making it perfect for creating striking garden focal points. Framed by an arch or placed within a border, garden ornamentation can also be used to add instant excitement and drama!

Container planting offers limitless opportunities to creative gardening. With a myriad of planters to choose from, here at Ruxley Garden Centre we have something to suit every individual garden style. Contemporary and classic designs are available in materials ranging from terracotta, brushed aluminum and granite to the lightweight Cadix Grandelight collection.

With the majority of our planters also boasting frost proof guarantee, you can be confident that your display will remain beautiful for many years to come.