Having plants in the house doesn't only add some natural beauty and focal points in your room. There's a plethora of health benefits that come with them. From purifying the air of a room by filtering toxins and reducing dust they also aid with feelings of relaxation, calm and the reduction of stress.


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Our extensive range of houseplants come in all shapes, colours sizes and scents to fit the style of space you’d like to grow them in. Alongside our live plants we have all the accessories and sundries you need to really make the most of your plants and ensure they thrive in their new home.

Our House Plant Guide, available printed in-store or online, will give you all the tips and hints you need to know as well as recommendations for the best products to keep your plants healthy and strong during their life.




Keep your home looking sharp with our fashionable, easy-care cacti and succulents, contrasting architectural spines with the fleshy leaves of Echeveria and Aloe Vera. 

Most like some sun each day, but cacti and other desert-dwellers will need a bright, sunny room or windowsill to receive enough light. If your house is shady for much of the day you can opt for a fern, fiddle-leaf fig, spider plant or Chinese evergreen plant.



Orchids have the largest variety of documented flowers on the planet and some species have been recorded to live up to 100 years. Our beautiful range comes pre-potted and our team will be happy to advise you on the best care practices.

Our supporting products, specifically engineered potting soil, orchid feed and leaf wipes will keep your orchid strong and healthy. In late summer we run an Orchid Day, where Dr Manos Kanellos runs a repotting clinic and gives talk on Orchid Care.



We have several resources to help you care for your indoor plants. Pop in store to grab a copy of our Plant Care Guide and ask our team about upcoming Gardening Talks at Ruxley Manor.


We run frequent Gardening Workshops and Talks throughout the year. Be sure to look at what is coming up and don't miss our Orchid Clinic later in the year.

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Plant Care Guide

View our Plant Care Guides online for Indoor PLants, Succulents and Cacti and Orchids to ensure your plants are reciving the attention they need to thrive.

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