Our Brunches are available at either 10am or 11am. Booking is essential
so that we can ensure everything is ready for your arrival!


Adult Brunch

You have a choice of either:

Fruit Pancakes
2 Pancakes sandwiched with Greek Yoghurt and a Fruit Compote topped with Fresh Berries & Honey.


Bacon Pancakes
A stack of 3 Pancakes, topped with Bacon & a fried egg. It is served with a Pot of Baked Beans & Maple Syrup.

Also included is a Tea, a Specialty Coffee,(Americano, Cappuccino, Latte) and a glass of Orange Juice.

Please specify in the special requirements whether you require the Fruit or Bacon option.

Child Brunch

Our child's brunch consists of:

A pancake flower with hash brown petals, cherry tomato eyes, a sausage nose and a chocolate smile! It has a banana stem, apple and strawberry leaves and is nestled in baked beans.

Also included is a Flavoured Milk, a Kids Juice, a Water or a Kids Hot Chocolate


Please note, Children's Brunches will be Circus themed from the 17th - 23rd February. Click here to find out more.