Children's Festive Brunch

now sold out

Join us in The Mulberry Tree Restaurant for a Children's Christmas Brunch, only available throughout the Christmas season at 10am and 11am.
Booking is essential so that we can ensure everything is ready for your arrival!

Our Children's Christmas Brunch is available:

Sunday 11th November

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th November

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th November

Then every day from Monday 26th November until 31st December

Our Children's Christmas Brunch consists of:

A Reindeer Pancake with Hash Brown Ears, 2 Mini Sausages Antlers, a Red Smartie Nose and ½ Marshmallow & Blueberry Eye

You will also receive a little jug of Maple Syrup, a Pot of Strawberries & Mini Marshmallows and a Pot of Baked Beans

And either a Hot Chocolate or a Chocolate/Strawberry/Banana Milk


£8.99 per child