Ruxley in bloom 2019

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Residential Awards

You don’t need to be a resident in the borough of Bexley to enter, merely living within 15 miles of Ruxley Manor. You can choose to enter one or more categories and even nominate a neighbour or relative if you feel that their green-fingered talent deserves to be recognised!

  • Best front garden - seasonal or container(s) display
  • Best front garden - permanent display
  • Best back garden

1st: Trophy & £100 voucher, 2nd: £50 voucher, 3rd: £30 voucher

School Awards

Will you be top of the class?! Enter your school into the competition and see if you can impress our judges! They will be looking for evidence that children have created the gardens themselves, with ideas and practical skills clearly visible.

School entries will open March 19th 2019 and will close on May 17th.

  • Best school garden
    1st: Trophy & £60 voucher, 2nd: £40 voucher, 3rd: £20 voucher
  • Best school veg plot
    1st: Trophy & £60 voucher, 2nd: £40 voucher, 3rd: £20 voucher
  • Best school container(s)
    1st: Trophy & £30 voucher, 2nd: £20 voucher, 3rd: £10 voucher
  • NEW Scariest Scarecrow competition
    1st: Trophy & £60 voucher, 2nd: £40 voucher, 3rd: £20 voucher
    This year we’re looking for creepiness and creativity with the Scariest Scarecrow competition! Ensure the birds keep away from your gardens by designing and building a scarecrow. Our judges will award points based on creativity and effort involved!

School judging begins on June 3rd and completes on June 14th. The ceremony will take place on the 18th of July at 3pm. please note that the spaces are limited and by invitations only.

Allotment Awards

  • Best allotment plot
    1st: Trophy & £120 voucher, 2nd: £80 voucher, 3rd: £40 voucher
  • Best overall allotment site
    1st: Trophy & £100 voucher, 2nd: £50 voucher, 3rd: £30 voucher

Business & Community Awards

This is the broadest category and is designed to appeal to businesses and community groups in your locality.

  • Best shop/business - garden/container display
    1st: Trophy & £100 voucher, 2nd: £50 voucher, 3rd: £30 voucher
  • Best community garden
    1st: Trophy & £100 voucher, 2nd: £50 voucher, 3rd: £30 voucher

golden trowel award

A special award for an individual who the Directors of Ruxley Manor feel has a genuine commitment to gardening that deserves to be recognised. You may know someone who has overcome personal adversity to create a garden or perhaps you would like to nominate a neighbour who helps to maintain your own garden... either way this person will be that ‘special someone’ whose love of gardening shines through.

Please email the name and contact details of the person you would like to receive the ‘Golden Trowel’ (and £100 gift voucher) to Only one nomination per entry please. Please briefly explain why this person should win.

how the competition is judged

The judging of Ruxley in Bloom is performed by The London Gardens Society who have provided the information below to help explain what they look for when they visit you.


The visual impact of many entries will primarily be dependent on a display of colour.

 Given the changing tastes in gardens and other types of displays, the visual impact of an entry may not be primarily dependent on colour as for example in the case of Rock Gardens, Structure Gardens, Themed Gardens, Water Gardens and Vegetable Gardens. Judges will consider this type of entry on its own merits will not award lower marks merely because of lack of colour.

 Judges will also consider the overall design and layout of the entry under this heading when awarding their marks.


Plants, including trees and shrubs, if they are appropriate to the competition, should be healthy and free of disease. All plants, trees and shrubs should be deadheaded, pruned and well maintained.

 Lawns and their edges should be well maintained.

 Containers, tubs, window boxes and hanging baskets should be properly maintained.

 Examples of correct mulching, water conservation, reduction of the use of peat/pesticides/herbicides, waste management, recycling, composting etc, and the quality and general presentation of the entry will be considered here.

 Judges may award a maximum of 30 marks for Cultivation and Maintenance and a maximum of 5 marks when there is evidence of good sustainability practice. If there is none evident, Judges must not award any marks at all under the Sustainability criteria.                    


Judges will focus on the diversity and range of plant material used. They will note rare plants and those of special interest and the use made of drought tolerant summer and all year round plants. 

 Examples that may be regarded as special features are rockeries, structures, themes and water features.


Judges will consider any site difficulties such as exposure to the wind, overhanging trees, shade, litter problems, traffic or other pollution and vandalism. 

 Judges will award 1 mark for each site difficulty up to a maximum of 5 marks. If there are no site difficulties present, Judges will not award any marks at all under this criteria.                    


As judging is executed using a points-based system it is possible for multiple entrants to earn the same award (ie. Gold, Silver Guilt, Silver etc.). As this is the case, the winner of the category will be the entrant with the most points awarded for their entry.

Open gardens festival

This year, during the Opening Ceremony on 19th March, Tim Barnes will be speaking about the Open Gardens Festival - an initiative by the Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice. This festival helps to raise vital funds for the Hospice whilst strengthening our local communities by encouraging residents to open their gardens to visitors.

To find out more about the Open Gardens Festival or to volunteer your garden please join us on the 19th March or visit the Community Hospice website.