We recommend that all sessions are pre-booked to avoid disappointment. To book your ticket click here. Tickets can also be booked by visiting our Customer Service desk.


Tickets are priced per 45 minute session and include skate hire. 

Tickets prices:

Ticket Prices



Little Penguins

SEN Sessions

Adult (aged 12+)



£5.00 (Includes skate aid)

£5.00 per skater, carer goes free (Skate Aids are not included)

Child (3-11)



Under 3's 



Skate Aids





They will be emailed to the email address you used to book your tickets. You can either print your booking confirmation or show us your confirmation on your phone. 

What are Special Needs Sessions?

Each session lasts 45 minutes and ice skating boots are included in your ticket price.  Each Special Needs session has a reduced capacity and low level or no music to limit sensory overload.

These sessions have limited capacity and allow the carer to join the skater for free. You will need to book a skate aid for these sessions if you would like to use one.

One ticket allows one skater on the ice with the carer going free.

You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your session beginning as this will give you plenty of time to get your skates on!

is there car parking at the ice rink?

There are over 500 car parking spaces in our public car parks.


We ask that all skaters arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of their skating session. We must, however, stress that we cannot be held responsible for customers arriving late and missing either part or all of their session. Customers arriving late will therefore have a shorter skate session or no skating at all, and will not be entitled to a refund.

Please note that at peak times our car park can become extremely busy, and we ask that all skaters consider this fact when planning their journey. If you already have booked your ticket, please follow the directional signs through the store to the ice rink which is located in the Outdoor Plant Area and proceed direct to the Skate Exchange Counter (bypassing Customer Services).


Ice Rink and Skating guidelines outline that we can safely have 187 people on the ice at any one time – we choose to only allow 175 skaters on the rink at any one time to allow for a more enjoyable experience


There is no minimum age or height required to skate. Parents must judge whether their children can skate safely. 

It is compulsory all children under 8 years old are accompanied on the ice by an adult.

what are the ice rink skate sizes?

Ice skates start from a child's size 8 going right through to an adult's size 15.

For very little feet we have a number of double bladed 'Bob' skates that fit over your child's own shoes (please make sure they wear sturdy shoes as their shoes may get wet). All children must wear skates on the ice, even if they are on a skate aid.

You are welcome to bring your own skates, although this will not alter the price of your ticket. Please notify one of our staff when you present your ticket.

What are skate aids?

We have 22 Penguins, (a stand up push-along skate aid suitable for a child to push along) and 15 Bananas (suitable for two younger children to sit astride, and be pushed along by an adult).

Ice Rink and skating guidelines outline that we are safe to have the 22 Penguins and 15 Banana skate aids on the rink at any one time. 

how do i book a skate aid?

Skating aids are available to hire on a first come, first served basis via our website. You are able to book your skate aid when you booking your skating session. We sell out of the skate aids very quickly, so please book your skate aids online to avoid disappointment. 

Click here to book your skate aid.

how long are the sessions?

Every session lasts 45 minutes with each session starting promptly on the hour. At the end of the session you will be asked to vacate the rink via a public address system. Please leave the rink promptly to allow for re-surfacing of the ice by our Ice Marshals. This is an important part of the ice management process and will ensure everyone has an enjoyable ice skating experience.


To make your visit as enjoyable as possible, we recommend that your clothing is suitable for your time on the ice as well as the weather. We advise that you wear trousers or tracksuit bottoms as these will dry quicker than denim if you should get wet. Please bring long socks with you and have a warm waterproof jacket, gloves and hat ready for the action on the ice. We would advise that children wear gloves.

where can i leave my bag?

Bags of any description are NOT permitted on the ice and there are no lockers at the ice rink. We do have a buggy park where you can leave any prams. Ruxley Manor accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left.

Will there be music playing whilst i am ice skating?

Yes, of course! Ruxley Manor's ice rink features an integral professional PA/sound system that will play popular music throughout your skating session. Our Ice Marshals will be able to communicate with skaters via the PA system.

During SEN sessions the music will be turned off or reduced in volume to prevent sensory overload.

Is there anywhere for spectators to sit?

Our Christmas Food Market offers a great place to sit and watch all the Ice Skating fun and also offers a delicious range of refreshments, including a Bratwurst sausage in a bun, waffles and cakes. We will also be serving hot and cold drinks including Prosecco and Beer on tap.


Yes, although every wheelchair user must be accompanied by his/her own carer. Please email to book.

We are required to restrict the number of wheelchairs on the ice per session for safety reasons.

Carers can wear skates or their own shoes, but please ensure they are sturdy shoes with grip as it is slippery on the rink.

Wheelchairs are simply pushed carefully onto the ice and the brakes are then locked. If the ice is very glassy the wheelchair will naturally slide, if on the other hand it is rough it would be advisable to leave the brakes free. 

can i skate on christmas day?

No, we are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.


Yes, you can book up to 175 tickets (the maximum amount allowed for each session) via our website

Alternatively the whole rink can be booked for £400 (including all skate aids) in selected off peak sessions only. Please email for details.

Booking conditions & refund policy 

All tickets once booked cannot be amended, transferred or refunded. Please ensure that you are confident in being able to fulfill your booking before completing the purchase of your tickets. However if we find it necessary to close the Ice Rink for any reason we will offer you a full refund or the option to book an alternative session, subject to availability. 

Weather conditions

Weather conditions can affect the surface of the ice. Calm, cold days mean the ice surface will remain dry. Wind causes friction, which warms the surface of the Ice, resulting in a wet layer of water on the ice surface, warm days can result in the marquee heating up, which again will result in a wet layer of water on the ice. We do try and predict weather changes but a layer of water over the ice does not make it unsafe to skate, although you may get wet if you fall over!

We do not offer refunds if the ice is wet due to weather conditions.

 Arriving late

We ask that all skaters arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of their skating session. We must, however, stress that we cannot be held responsible for customers arriving late and missing either part or all of their session. Customers arriving late will therefore have a shorter skate session or no skating at all, and will not be entitled to a refund.

WHO SHOULD i contact if i have a query about my tickets?

Please email our Events Team: