NOW AT RUXLEY until december 24th


Our herd of Reindeer live with us onsite all year round in a 3 acre paddock. They are very well cared for by our team members Chris and Lynn and are frequently visited by a local vet. Our first calf to be born was Bolt, in May 2010. Bracken and Bramble then had their second calf, Blossom, born in April 2012, followed by Bluebell in April 2013. To ensure that we maintained a clean blood line we then bought another female reindeer, Lightning, who was born in May 2011 and joined the Ruxley family in early 2012. Then, in 2014 we had a bumper year with Bracken and Lightning giving us Thunder, who was born in April, followed four days later with Bracken and Bramble’s offspring, Sky. Very sadly our dominant male, Bracken and dominant female, Bramble, have since passed away.