5 Top Tips for Winter Garden Care

Posted by admin on December 7, 2016

With some extra TLC via careful planning, attention and time, your garden can continue to thrive all through the chilly winter months. We’ve put together our top five tips on how to care for your garden in the best possible way this holiday season.

  • Winter Clean

You may have heard of a spring clean for your home, but it is now time to introduce a winter clean to your garden. Take the time to clear old debris away, including dead plants, fallen leaves and old vegetables. These need to be disposed of in order to stop any pests or bacteria from forming in your garden and giving your plants diseases. We’d advise collecting everything together and putting it in your compost, which you can use to help your plants get a steady flow of nutrients and water.

  • Plants

The way some plants thrive in the spring and summer, others flourish in the colder, winter months. When caring for your garden throughout winter, ensure that the plants you are planting will survive the colder weather and grow. If you’re looking for the perfect vegetables to continue growing through winter, why not opt for broccoli or cauliflower? Or if you want to keep your garden colourful and bright, some great flowers that continue to bloom throughout the colder months are cheery pansies, snapdragons and daisies.


  • Mulch

Mulch is a substance such as decaying leaves, compost or bark that can be spread around the garden or over certain plants in order to enrich and insulate the soil. To help your plants and garden to continue thriving and growing this winter, why not add some mulch into your gardens weekly routine? Mulch can help to moderate soil temperature which helps to keep the plant roots cool and moist and thus preventing soil erosion. Mulch allows your garden to be protected against the impact of harsh weather, wind and rain.

  • Lawn

Over the winter months when the weather temperature drops significantly, your lawn is likely to be covered by a bed of frost and snow. If you can, avoid stepping on your lawn when it is wet as it will quickly become muddy. When spring comes around, your lawn will be a mess of mud and grass and will require more upkeep and attention in order for it to recover from the winter months. If you need to step on your lawn to attend to plants, do so as little as you possibly can and only step in certain spots.

  • Frost

When the winter comes around and the temperature decreases, frost can wreak havoc on your plants. When frost hits plants it can freeze the water within the plants cells. As the weather gets warmer in the day, plants begin to thaw out. With all the freezing and thawing, it can damage the plants cell wall and thus cause them to die. Give your plants a layer of protection against the frost by insulating them. You can buy material specifically for protecting your plants in the winter months, and here at Ruxley we can help you.

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