When to defrost your turkey

Posted by ruxley on December 20, 2018

For many of us, Christmas dinner isn’t Christmas dinner without a succulent roast turkey. Make sure you don’t fall fowl this year with our handy defrosting guide below...


If you’re defrosting in the fridge (at 4 degrees celcius) you’ll need to allow 10 – 12 hours per kilogram. For a medium turkey (2.5kg) that’s 25 – 30 hours.


For a room at or below 17.5 degrees celcius the defrosting time is three to four hours per kilogram. For a medium turkey that will be seven and a half to 10 hours. Please be advised this will be longer if the room is cooler.


At room temperature (20 degrees celcius) you’ll need to allow approximately two hours per kilogram. That works at around five hours for a medium turkey.

Before cooking, ensure the turkey is thoroughly defrosted and if you can’t refrigerate you should cook your turkey immediately.


For more information about defrosting, preparing and cooking your Christmas turkey have a look at the NHS page where this information is from.

Please note, these are guidelines only, please ensure your turkey is fully defrosted before cooking and thoroughly cooked before serving.