Looking after Your Plants this Autumn

Posted by admin on October 6, 2016

Summer has ended and autumn has approached us quickly, with winter being only around the corner! If you’re an avid gardener, you may have wondered how to keep your plants well looked after through these colder autumn months.

When the weather gets colder, it can cause plant cells to freeze and ultimately wither and die. This happens particularly when frost is laying down in the garden in the mornings. Frost damage is then made worse for plants that face the morning sun, as this means they defrost very quickly, causing their cell walls to rupture.

You can protect your plants in multiple ways, including covering them with an old blanket or cloth through the night. This can help to keep any frost from getting onto and affecting the plant, however it won’t protect it from the general cold weather. As long as the cover is taken off during the day so that the plants are given the time to obtain the light and air they need, they should last the whole autumn through. 

Plants are also affected from the cold temperatures, or rather their roots are. Often it is not the cold itself that damages our plants, but the way the roots freeze and thaw out quickly. A popular way to prevent this, help to insulate and hold in the heat within the soil is to apply a layer of mulch to the plant bed.

In order to minimise the damage that is made to your plants and garden, we’ve put together our five top tips:

1. Avoid golden or variegated plants within your garden in the cold weather. These are usually tenderer and are therefore more susceptible to cell damage from frost.

2. If you have potted plants outdoors, bring them inside. Removing your plants from the cold temperatures are sure to keep them alive and well during the autumn, and winter, months.

3. Any low-growing plants should be covered with a sheet of glass or cloche in order to help protect them from the wet weather, as well as providing swift drainage.

4. Look for outdoor containers that are also frost proof, which can help to prevent them from cracking. You could also insulate them with some bubble wrap, to help stop them from freezing.

5. Encourage healthy growth within damaged plants by purchasing a balanced fertiliser. A balanced fertiliser contains equal amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

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