Prepare your garden for Autumn - Top 5 Tips

Posted by ruxley on August 16, 2017

shutterstock_492673888.jpg1. LAWN - Stock up on Autumn Lawn Feed ahead of time to keep your turf fresh and fierce throughout the colder and darker weather. Autumn Lawn Feed is lower in nitrogen and higher in potash which will help strengthen your grass and improve its hardiness. Now is also a good time to do a sweep for lawn moss and remove as much as possible. 


 2. GREENHOUSE – A quick clean and tidy of the greenhouse at the end of summer will help improve performance throughout Autumn. It’s a good idea to clean the glass on the inside and any other pots or tools to ensure no pests will set up home throughout the coming months. Removing any shading from summer will maximise growth of plants. 


shutterstock_177865481.jpg 3. VEGETABLE PATCH – Now the main growing period is over it is important to take extra care with any vegetables still sprouting in your plot.Tomatoes will become more prone to fungus during the damper weather so a daily check is well rewarded, as is removing some of the leaf cover to encourage more airflow. Remove dead flowers from your courgettes, they can rot and damage the crop, and keep your pumpkins hydrated for best results in October.  


shutterstock_466195769 small.jpg 4. TIDY UP YOUR BEDS - Autumn is the ideal time to have a tidy up, remove any ailing annuals ready for the compost heap and move any misplaced plants from earlier in the year. Continue deadheading as long as the plants are flowering and add some evergreens in to fill any unsightly gaps and provide some colour throughout the winter months.


shutterstock_156179246 small.jpg

 5. COMPOST BEDS - With the tidying at the end of summer there will be a lot of material ready for adding to your compost heap. Make some room by spreading your existing compost over your flower beds, followed by a layer of mulch. It’ll help boost the nutrients as well as deter burrowing rodents.