Top Ways to Overhaul your Garden in 2017

Posted by admin on January 9, 2017

It’s a new year, so why not bring in 2017 with a garden overhaul? With summer just around the corner, now’s a great time for getting the garden ready for those all-important relaxing days in the sun.

 Trends in gardening do change and bringing your garden to life this year will mean more colour, life and exuberance in your home; take a look at these simple ways that you can alter your garden and keep up with trends in 2017.



A great way to bring new life into your garden is to build an outdoor kitchen area, whether it be a simple BBQ or a patio with a built it fire pit. Make outdoor life more comfortable this year so you can spend as much time as possible soaking up the fresh air.

This will also be great for having guests, you could install a fridge to keep drinks and store food specifically for when people are over. Its modern, on trend and great fun!


Bringing lots of colour into your garden this season can totally change the look and feel of your space. From the browns and reds of winter, start afresh with flowers such as bright Marigolds and Dahlias; you’ll be surprised how just this one small change can alter your garden and start it looking brand new.

You don’t have to make huge alterations to your garden to spruce it up this year, just a few small extra plants or colours added to your plot can really change the atmosphere.

Space to play

Gardens don’t have to be just for plants, a lot of people now want areas in their backyards especially for activities, dogs or their children. If you are looking to spend less time weeding this summer and more time relaxing, creating a space where you can have hammocks, games courts and fireplaces are great for gardens.

Although flowers can brighten up a space, they can be hard work to upkeep all year round; having a space for activities means you can entertain and won’t have to worry about maintenance when it gets to the colder months.


Seating for gardens is becoming a lot more comfortable than a simple lawn chair, you can find all sorts of round, long or short chairs great for lazing in the sun or snuggling up in through the autumn. If you want your garden to be the ultimate comfort zone floor cushions, lavish swing chairs and even rugs will be perfect for you.

Why not bring more of a comfort feel to your garden, after all who doesn’t want to spend their time laying back, enjoying the sun this summer.


There are lots of ways you can light your garden this year, with solar powered lamps, fairy lights or flood lighting – there’s a range to choose from. Whichever feel you want to bring to your garden, lighting it won’t fail to bring new prospects.

Lanterns are great for bringing a bit of magic and ambience to your plot and can really change the overall look and feel. Soft lighting works well in gardens, if it’s too harsh it can bring out the bad points of your lawn so it’s important to get the right level.

We here at Ruxley Manor know how to make a garden look modern, fresh and exciting so if you need some help getting yours up to scratch after the winter months please do get in touch by visiting our contact page or by calling us on 020 8300 0084.