Blackberry Jam roly poly


  • 50g salted butter, cut into chunks, (plus you'll need extra for greasing)
  • 250g self-raising flour
  • Seeds from 1 vanilla pod
  • 50g shredded suet
  • 160ml milk
  • 130g Cottage Delight Blackberry Jam Custard, to serve


  1. Fill a deep roasting tin two-thirds full with boiled water and place onto the bottom shelf of the oven, ensuring there’s another shelf directly above it. Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4.

  2. Tear off a large sheet of foil and greaseproof paper (about 30 x 40cm). Place the greaseproof on top of the foil and butter it.

  3. Add the butter, flour and vanilla seeds into a mixing bowl and whisk with an electric mixer until the butter is completely combined. Mix in the suet and milk and work together until you get a sticky dough.

  4. You may wish to add more milk if the milk is too dry.

  5. Tip the dough out onto a floured surface, then roll out to a square roughly 25cm x 25cm.

  6. Spread the Cottage Delight Blackberry Jam all over leaving a gap along one edge, then roll up from the opposite edge.

  7. Pinch the jam-free edge into the dough where it meets.

  8. Carefully lift onto the greased paper, join-side down and loosely bring up the paper and foil around it. Scrunch together along the edges and ends to seal.

  9. The roly-poly will puff quite a bit during cooking, so don’t wrap it too tightly.

  10. Allow the pudding to sit for 5 minutes before unwrapping, then carefully open the foil and paper.

  11. Thickly slice and serve with piping hot custard.