Grilled S'mores

The perfect treat for those lazy summer evenings, why not try out this recipe on one of our Landmann or Weber BBQs!


  • Bag of Giant Toastin' Marshmallows (available from the Foodhall)

  • Jar of chocolate spread (lots per s'more)

  • Pack of choc-chips cookies (2 x per s'more)

  • Grill/Oven/ Warm BBQ


  • Cover the underside of each cookie in chocolate spread, place a Giant Toastin' marshmallow flat side down on every second cookie used.

  • Place all the choc-covered and marshmallow-loaded cookies on a baking sheet, sliding under the hot grill until the marshmallow begins to lightly brown and the chocolate spread melts.

  • Remove from the grill and sandwich a choc-only cookie on top of a marshmallow loaded cookie. Squeeze together and serve immediately.

  • Or skewer  a marshmallow and roast it gently over the remaining warm heat of the BBQ until it goes gooey, then carefully place between your chocolate cookies.