supporting the community

We want to help support the community by stepping in where the Council isn't able to. We hope that our efforts will encourage more businesses and people to come together to help us support our local community.

Over the coming years we want to address and help brighten up our local high-streets as at Ruxley we believe that community matters. we aim to partner up with the local council to help our area bloom, by donating bulbs to our community for those areas that need a little brightening up.



Ruxley in Bloom, previously known as Bexley in Bloom was previously run by Bexley Council but is now under the management of Ruxley Manor. It is an annual gardening competition which awards winning entries with vouchers up to £100 to spend in store.

Ruxley in Bloom is as much about people as it is about plants and gardening. Founded on the principal that brightening up our outdoor spaces is good for us all, the competition gives individuals and local communities an opportunity to work together to bring about change.

The competition currently consists of 4 categories: Residential, Schools, Allotments and Business & Community.

Ruxley in Bloom enables the community to come together to celebrate their love of gardening and appreciate what one another has achieved. Previously Bexley in Bloom was restricted to residents within Bexley Borough, however Ruxley in Bloom is open to anyone who lives within a 15 mile radius of Ruxley Manor. You can choose to enter into one or more categories and even nominate a neighbour or relative if you feel that their green-fingered talent deserves to be recognised!

On top of the competition we have our own personal Golden Trowel Award, A special award for an individual who the Directors of Ruxley Manor feel has a genuine commitment to gardening that deserves to be recognised. You may know someone who has overcome personal adversity to create a garden or perhaps you would like to nominate a neighbour who helps to maintain your own garden... either way this person will be that ‘special someone’ whose love of gardening shines through.

In autumn 2019 we would like to begin our Bulb Donation Initiative, it is our way of saying thank you to our local community, throughout the whole month of September for every bulb or bulb pack purchased Ruxley will match the numbers and donate the bulbs to the local council. Based on previous figures we are looking at a whopping 3000 bulbs being planted across the borough.