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Whether you are full indoor jungle, or chic hovering airplant, Ruxley Manor’s range of indoor trees, indoor palms, succulents & cacti and best indoor houseplants will find something to suit your needs. Having plants in the house doesn’t only add some natural beauty and focal points in your room (particularly when coupled with our stylish selection of houseplant pots in varying sizes).

From air purifiers like monstera, snake plants and bromeliads for accenting side boards to tumbling beauties like string of pearls and devil’s ivy, perfect plants for hanging indoors. Whatever space and style you have, we will have a houseplant to suit. We also have a range of products to care for your houseplants and help them thrive, as well as care guides, written by our specialist, for different plants available to pick up in-store and to read online.

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Indoor palms and large plants

If you’re looking for a real feature for your home, one of our indoor trees or large houseplants will be just the thing to add some drama, whilst providing health benefits. From indoor palms to large monsteras, pop in-store and speak to our team to find the best plant for your needs and space.


Orchids have the largest variety of documented flowers on the planet and some species have been recorded to live up to 100 years. Our beautiful range comes pre-potted and our team will be happy to advise you on the best care practices.

Our supporting products, specifically engineered potting soil, orchid feed and leaf wipes will keep your orchid strong and healthy.

Exotic Houseplants

Our extensive range of houseplants from in all shapes, colours, sizes and scents to fit the style of space you’d like to grow them in. Keep your home looking sharp with our fashionable houseplants, from peace lily’s to spider plants to easy-care cacti and succulents.

As well as being a beautiful addition to any indoor space, houseplants offer a range of both mental and physical wellbeing benefits. Our collection of indoor plants are carefully selected based on both their aesthetic appeal and the health benefits they can offer.

From large indoor palms and trees, to delicate succulents and airplants read our information points around the department to find out which plants offer air purifying qualities and speak to our expert team in-store who can advise the best options and care products for your needs.

Samantha, Houseplant Manager
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Home Delivery

Ruxley Manor offers a friendly and professional home delivery service that covers the local delivery area and extends into surrounding region as well as using trusted courier partners for national delivery.

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5 Year Hardy Plant Guarantee

As part of the GCA, our offering is simple. Buy any outdoor hardy plant from us and if, having followed the care instructions, the plant does not thrive you can return it with the original label and receipt for a credit note or exchange for a plant of equivalent value.

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Highly Experienced Team

Ruxley Manor, situated on Maidstone Road in Sidcup, was founded in 1964, nearly 100 years on from Henry Evans founding H. Evans and Sons.

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