Why we love LIFE

Nothing beats dining or relaxing outside with your family or friends. Good quality garden furniture is essential to fully experience your outside space. Are you looking for this experience? LIFE Outdoor Living has a wide variety of the best quality outdoor garden furniture.


Featured in Vogue magazine, LIFE is a stylish and top-quality furniture brand that we love more with each new set. The popular LIFE Outdoor Living range features great designs with practical solutions to the British weather including their All-Weather cushions which are designed to be left outdoors all year round. This means you don’t have to worry about storing it away somewhere when the weather worsens and knowing you can rely on it to survive is a great comfort to many people.

LIFE pride themselves on creating outdoor garden furniture with a design basis based around people and their social environments.

The Origin of LIFE Garden Furniture

When it comes to outdoor living, there’s no better place to start than Life Garden Furniture. They’ve been crafting beautiful garden furniture for over 20 years, and they know a thing or two about what makes a perfect piece. Based in Holland, LIFE is an enthusiastic brand when it comes to producing their most innovative outdoor garden furniture sets.

Renowned for its high quality and design, LIFE have always produced high quality outdoor garden furniture that is proven to be durable and lasts longer than other outdoor furniture in the market. They are a brand where its sole focus and manufactures outdoor furniture. Therefore, you can purchase LIFE outdoor furniture with confidence as its quality is always high and the design is always trendy and up to today’s standards. With its ever-expanding variation of styles to choose from, there is something for everyone’s taste with LIFE.


Whether you’re looking for a new patio set, some cosy chairs for your garden, or a stylish outdoor sofa, Life Garden Furniture has everything you need to make your outdoor space look and feel its best. And because they use only the highest quality materials, you can be sure that your furniture will last for years to come. As their experience becomes broader, LIFE continues to widen the range of possibilities each year with every new collection.

Our favourite LIFE outdoor furniture

LIFE anabel extending 10 seat dining set

LIFE Nevada large corner set with teak table

LIFE soho corner lounge set

Why choose LIFE?

LIFE supplies the best leisure furniture, manufactured from high-quality materials and assembled with the greatest care. Aimed at comfort, functionality and user-friendliness,  all of their products are 100% weatherproof for low maintenance care and regular use! 

LIFE outdoor living boasts a wide range of outdoor furniture consisting of a variety of materials. All selected especially for outdoor furniture manufacturing and use.

With each set, LIFE provides you with everything you need to know to maintain your LIFE outdoor furniture for an optimal lifespan. Their wide range of aluminium furniture provides many advantages for outdoor use as its aluminium frames are corrosion resistant, lightweight, and very easy to maintain. With a minimum of 1.2 mm of powder coating applied to the furniture, it reduces the amount of dirt that sticks to the coating over time and makes it easier to clean and less susceptible to scratches and stains. Most of the LIFE sets are equipped with a few extra essentials to keep the products stronger for longer, such as wear plugs, adjustable feet, and drainage openings to prevent condensation


Their use of 100% sustainable certified teak tables ensures your garden furniture to have an optimal lifespan, with its high amounts of resin and oil, the wood is naturally water repellent and therefore suitable for outdoor use! With this robust material you can be sure that it won’t damage easily either.


When it comes to LIFE cushions, when they were created, they were done with outdoor use in mind for every season, with cushion fabrics specially treated to prevent mould growth and water permeable. LIFE boasts a unique, scientifically tested, all weather cushions made from polyester that allows rain to pass straight through and breathe. With all cushions coming with a high colour fastness and UV-protection, the cushions are made to last.

You can purchase LIFE with confidence in their products as each purchase with us in the LIFE range carry a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.