Can my outdoor Garden Furniture get wet?

Posted on July 24, 2023

Can my Outdoor Garden Furniture get wet? 

Tips on protecting and maintaining your outdoor garden furniture all year round

Types of Outdoor Garden Furniture

and their Ability to Withstand Wet Weather

In this article we are going to look at a variety of things garden furniture is commonly made of, including:

  • Metal Furniture
  • Rattan Furniture

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The construction of garden furniture has certainly advanced over the years and is vastly different from the wooden or cast-iron garden furniture you may have found some years ago. Today you can find garden furniture made from a range of different materials – such as lightweight aluminium and rattan/weave. With more choices, different styles and finishes, the important question to ask when looking for new furniture is “Can it withstand the wet UK weather in the same way wooden furniture generally does?”.

Today you can find garden furniture finished in stunning rattan weave, powder coated aluminium and FSC approved Teak (and more) – all which come in various styles to suit any garden or home. When looking to buy new garden furniture for your home, you’ll want to make sure it ticks each box on that long list of requirements you need to make outdoor living as comfortable as possible. Our range of garden furniture comes in a variety of styles, finishes and is made from a range of different materials, all of which are weatherproof (aside from the cushions of course!) so, we’ll talk you through our favourites.

Powder Coated Aluminium: One of the most popular choices, our powder coated aluminium furniture ranges are sleek, modern and comfortable all whilst offering long lasting durability. Powder coating ensures that this type of garden furniture has a strong finish, tougher than that of conventional paint and is longer lasting. This type of coating also typically offers protection against rust, making it suitable to be safely left out for the duration of the year.

Synthetic Rattan: One of the hottest trends in garden furniture in recent years, synthetic rattan garden furniture is made from rattan vines which are woven tightly together to make comfortable, flexible garden furniture. Unlike natural rattan, synthetic rattan that is used in our garden furniture ranges can withstand intense UV exposure and holds less moisture, making it a perfect choice when looking to for garden furniture that doesn’t need to be stored away during the colder months.

Wooden Garden Furniture: In more recent years garden furniture manufacturers have incorporated sustainable wooden features into various styles of garden furniture sets. Many of these wooden features are resistant to water, rot and insects, making it perfect for both wet and dry environments – so you can leave your furniture set outside without worry of damage. You can find wooden materials such as Acacia, Teak and Timber incorporated in to garden furniture sets.

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Protecting cushions from the rain

and other moisture sources

Whilst your set can withstand the elements, the cushions not so much – when that typical British weather catches you off guard, many of us are tempted to run and cover our garden furniture sets and bring in the cushions before they get wet. If you are caught out by a light shower, many of the cushions included in our garden furniture sets are designed to be ‘shower resistant’ or ‘weather-proof’ – meaning that they’ll survive those light British showers with the correct aftercare.

Many of our sets come with cushions (i.e., back and seat cushions) many of which may be ‘shower resistant’ or ‘weather-proof’ but this doesn’t mean you can leave your cushions out during a lengthy British downpour. These ‘shower resistant’ and ‘weather-proof’ cushions mean that they can withstand those small unexpected showers during the summer but will need to be thoroughly dried before packing away for the evening to avoid any mould or mildew forming. We recommend to stand your cushions up right to aid the draining of water absorbed within the cushion and further drying of your cushions either in the sun or somewhere warm and dry.

protecting your Outdoor Garden Furniture

From Wet Weather

For those who want a little extra protection on their sets, you can always go that little bit further to protect your garden furniture to helps its longevity.

We recommend storing your cushions and parasols inside over the winter period (when they’re dry) – to avoid any water damage or discolouring during the winter months. For your furniture set we understand not everyone can move theirs indoors for the winter, that’s why we only purchase high quality furniture with great benefits for our customers. Our sets are suitable to be left outside all year long and only require a little maintenance (see individual products at point of purchase for more information). When it comes to using it again at the beginning of spring, with powder coated frames to help prevent rust and UV resistant weaves on our rattan garden furniture sets to prevent discolouring, a garden furniture set purchased with us is guaranteed to last due to high quality and proper care.

When it comes to aluminium, rattan or wooden garden furniture sets, they will naturally dry out without leaving any long-lasting damage after a heavy rainfall. As the end of summer arrives, keep an eye on the weather for any frequent down pours predicted, this way you can ensure you’ll be prepared to protect your garden furniture.

For that extra peace of mind, furniture covers are the perfect way to keep your furniture set protected and contained over the colder months. With UV resistant and waterproof material – these covers will keep your garden furniture dry throughout the winter and with air vents to help prevent moisture from being trapped and leading to mould and mildew. You can be confident that you’ll uncover your garden furniture in the spring with it looking as good as new.

We recommend securing your furniture cover tightly to the garden furniture’s legs – ensuring that the set can breathe and avoids holding any moisture whilst keeping the cover secured in any high winds that may come with poor weather.

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Maintaining your outdoor garden furniture

 Maintaining your set can be as simple as one, two, three. When maintaining your garden furniture set there are a number of things you can do dependant on your style and finish. When it comes to all of our garden furniture sets, we suggest gentle cleaning with a non-abrasive sponge or brush with lukewarm, detergent free soap. Once you have gently cleaned your furniture set, rinse with fresh water and allow the set to thoroughly dry before recovering to avoid moisture becoming trapped.

When it comes to our garden furniture sets, different regions may require different needs and protection – for example coastal environments contain more salt in the atmosphere which can lead to structural damage on aluminium furniture sets. In these circumstances, we suggest washing your set thoroughly with fresh water regularly and to cover when not in use throughout the year.

Overall, when maintaining and caring for your garden furniture, we suggest reading any care material with your garden furniture set or reading manufacturer care guides for more in-depth, specialised care instructions.

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