Chameleon Care Guide

Posted on July 13, 2020

This species of Chameleon originates around the river valleys in Yemen and Southern Saudi Arabia. The average adult body size is between 25 and 50cm (10” and 20”). Males are usually larger and have a larger head crest. This species has a rapid growth rate and can be very near to its adult size by around 8 months of age.


We recommend gut loading your live food with jelly pots and fresh fruit. These lizards should be offered food from an opaque raised dish, this will enable the chameleon to catch the food as it climbs out. Young chameleons should be fed daily, on small crickets. Adults should be offered food every other day. Adults can be offered insect prey such as crickets, house flies, fruit flies, mealworms and wax worms. They should also be offered small amounts of salads and fruits.


Heat Source:- This can be either reflector (spot) lights in green, blue or red or ceramic bulbs. Ultra Violet Light Source:- Require a 5.0% UVB lamp. This should be left on for 8 – 12 hours a day and replaced every six months unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. This will create a day and night time effect as well as give your reptile sufficient levels of UV to allow vitamin D3 synthesis. Thermostat:- An essential part of every vivarium and is required to control the heat inside the vivarium and to prevent your pet from becoming too hot or too cold. Wire Mesh Guards:- These should be fitted over all heat sources used in order to prevent any thermal burns from occurring. Thermometers:- One should be placed at either end of the vivarium. Never go by the temperature on the thermostat, as this is often inaccurate. Hides:- These are essential to prevent stress and allow your pet to hide away from the outside world. Artificial plants, boxes, plant pots, caves etc. all make excellent hides. Housing:- This can be either a wooden Vivarium or a new Vivarium on the market the Reptariums (a new entirely mesh screen Vivarium) are perfect for chameleons. As long as they are situated in a draught free area. NB – Adult Chameleons should be housed individually, if a pair (Male and female) are to be housed together then the enclosure must be massive!


The temperature at the basking spot should be between 32C and 37C (90F and 100F), with a background temperature falling to around 26C (80F) at the coolest point. At night the temperature may be allowed to drop to around 22C (72F).


Veiled Chameleons in general will not drink standing water. The best way to provide water for these reptiles is to create a drip watering system (These can be bought). The enclosure should also be misted daily.


Sphagnum moss or beech chips and bark substrate can be used. Whichever substrate is used care should be taken to ensure that none is ingested during feeding.


Many reptiles carry the naturally forming bacteria Salmonella. It must be stated that salmonella bacteria can only be contracted by ingestion (via the mouth). Good hygiene is therefore very important when keeping any animal. Remember, you are just as likely to contract salmonella from your Sunday lunch, cream cake or dog so don’t automatically assume that your lizard is the only suspect!

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