Guinea Pig Care Guide

Posted on July 13, 2020


Guinea pigs can eat a wide variety of foods. We recommend giving as much hay or grass as possible. This should be supplemented with fresh food and a pellet mix (we recommend Burgess SupaGuinea as it is rich in vitamin C which is essential) to give the ideal balance. Guinea pigs will eat almost any leafy greens or vegetable. Tomatoes and potatoes should be avoided. Lettuce and apples should only be given in moderation to avoid digestive upsets.


Guinea pigs can be kept indoors or outdoors. During winter a guinea pig kept outdoors will need lots of extra hay and a covering for the hutch at night to protect from cold and frost. Remember to check the water bottle twice a day to ensure it is not frozen. In summer the hutch should be kept in the shade to prevent heat stress. Guinea pigs are very social animals and like company. It is best to keep two females together or if you have two males have them castrated at six months old to avoid fighting. Guinea pigs should not be kept with rabbits under any circumstances. Handle your guinea pig every day so it gets used to human contact. A well cared for guinea pig should live for four to six years.


Guinea pigs’ teeth grow continually throughout their lifetime. In the wild they eat grass and gnaw twigs but in captivity dental problems frequently occur. To help with this ensure that your guinea pig has plenty of fresh grass and hay. Carrot tops and chew sticks help as well. If you find your guinea pig has difficulty eating, has a wet chin or is losing weight he or she should be checked by a vet immediately. Dental disease in guinea pigs is an extremely difficult condition to manage so getting the diet right in the first place is absolutely vital. Don’t forget that your guinea pig’s nails will grow all year round and will need clipping occasionally. We recommend having a nail clip with our practice nurse every three months.


Guinea pigs’ teeth grow continually throughout their lifetime. In the wild they eat grass and gnaw twigs but in captivity dental problems


We hope that you will have lots of fun and pleasure from your guinea pig over the coming years. We trust he or she will enjoy good health and to help achieve this we recommend a health review every year at your vets.

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