Keeping your Patio Spotless with Steven

Posted on March 10, 2023

Keeping your Patio Spotless

With our Garden Care team member Steven


When to Use: Patio Black Spot remover is best used on a dry yet overcast day, as you don’t want the slabs to be wet, but you also don’t want the sun to dry out the solution before its recommended treatment time.

How to use: Mixing the product with water in a sprayer to the given ratios, apply 2 coats to each slab, starting in the top left corner the spraying in alternating horizontal lines until the slab is covered, the starting back in the top left corner and apply in in vertical strokes, finish off buy spraying around the each of your tile.

One this is done, leave for two hours, then use a light jet washer to remove the solution and dirt/grime from your patio tiles. If there are still black spots remaining, apply the same process again until the desired results are achieved.

Top Tips:

  • Make sure your patio is dry, and that you have swept any loose dirt/debris off your tiles
  • Choose a test tile and follow the instruction on the bottle, to establish how many treatments you will need
  • Multiple application could be necessary depending on the age, texture and stone of your patio

Very old patios, could have very deep set black spots and grime, so may need a few treatments

If the stone used for your tiles is porous you will also need to use more than one treatment, as the solution may be absorbed or pass through the stone.

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