Lemax Christmas Village Collection: New for 2023

Posted on October 2, 2023

Lemax Christmas Villages and Figures

Christmas makes memories to last a lifetime, so make your Christmas displays one to remember. Our Lemax Christmas Model Village collection has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for that perfect gift, or just wanting to add a little more holiday cheer to your home. From traditional facades to fun and festive holiday buildings, we have everything you need to create lasting memories this Christmas season. These collections are sure to bring a smile to any face this holiday season.

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About Lemax

Lemax has been a trusted name in holiday décor for over 20 years. With high-quality hand painted pieces and detail, you won’t be disappointed with their quaint finish, it makes them a perfect addition to any holiday display. You will no doubt be captivated every time you divulge into the Lemax collection and enjoy its charming delights in a miniature world. Collectors from across the globe have discovered the fun and fulfilment of decorating their homes with their own Lemax village. With a selection of enchanting houses, landscaping, accessories, and figurines, Lemax offers something for everyone, from serious village collectors to casual holiday decorators.

If you’re looking to find that little something extra to add to your seasonal Lemax display, why not explore all the options we have to offer in our range of animated, sights and sound buildings and accessories. From spinning carousels to battery operated Santa’s Workshop, we have everything you need to make your display come to life!

Browse our selection of Lemax Christmas villages, figurines, and more to find the perfect addition to your holiday display. And be sure to check back often, as we are always adding new and exciting pieces to our collection!

New Villages for 2023

Bring the magic into your home with our NEW Lemax 2023 collection, from the Village The Partridge & The Pear to Village Poppy’s Bakeshop, the new 2023 range contains exciting new Christmas village buildings! So, whether you’re building your mountain resort or a busy little town, you’ll find something new to add to your Lemax Village Collection.

If there isn’t something in the new Lemax 2023 range, or you are looking to build on a previous years range, you can still explore our many Lemax buildings and accessories in-store and online. You’ll be able to find buildings and facades previously featured in ranges by clicking here

Classic Lemax Christmas Villages

Finding Your Lemax Village Style

No matter what your holiday style is, Lemax has the perfect piece for you. Browse our collection today and find something that will bring joy to your home this holiday season.


The Lemax General collection boasts a range of lighted and animated buildings to suit any theme, so if you’re looking for something to fit into your Wonderland or Mountain resort, you’ll no doubt find it in the Lemax General collection.


The Lemax Caddington Village is a must-have for any Lemax Christmas display. This village is full of charming details and quaint shops that will bring the holiday spirit to life. The Lemax Caddington Village is perfect for anyone who loves to decorate for Christmas and perfect for anyone who loves to collect Christmas villages. This village is a must-have for any collection.


The Lemax Harvest Crossing village is another must-have for any Autumnal or Christmas display. This village is full of charming aspects that will bring the harvest and festive season to life. The Lemax Harvesting Crossing village is perfect for anyone who loves to decorate for Autumn leading into Christmas or just perfect to add into your Christmas scene.


The Christmas Lemax Carnival collection is perfect for anyone who loves the festive season. This collection is full of exciting details and fun rides that will bring the holiday spirit to life. The Lemax Christmas Carnival collection is also perfect for anyone who loves to collect Christmas villages, create another story without your display by adding a touch of fun. This collection is a must-have for any festive collection.


Santa’s Wonderland is a must have-have for any Magical Christmas display. This village collection is full of magical details and attractions that would be featured in Santa’s Wonderland. This village collection is perfect for anyone who loves to decorate for Christmas and collect Christmas villages, it really is a must have for any winter season collections


The Vail Village from Lemax adds a rustic feel to any collection. This village is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to add a touch of the mountain lifestyle to their Lemax collection. The Vail Village is also perfect for anyone who loves to collect mountain villages or someone looking to add height to their existing display.


The Sugar ‘n Spice is a collection of colourful shops, houses, and accessories with a focus on confectionery themed items to create a sugary wonderland. From gingerbread houses to candy shops, this collection has everything you need to make your holiday display extra sweet! So, bring some extra sweetness and start your holiday display off right with the Sugar ‘n Spice collection from Lemax! Perfect for those who love the sweeter side of Christmas, make sweet memories this Christmas season

Setting Your Lemax Scene

Creating your special memories is easy, but building them? Even easier. We grabbed top tips from our Visual Merchandising experts to help you create your magical and festive Lemax Village. Unboxing and testing are the most important steps when it comes to starting your display, ensure all your animated buildings are in working order before you begin to set out your story.

Our Top Tip is to always plan, set up your village prior to plugging in and switching on, begin to work out what story you want to tell with your village, are the children peering through the window of the Old Sweet Shoppe? Are they going sledding? Are the carol singers singing in the town square? Tell a story by creating your picturesque town centre or your residential area. Don’t forget to drop in your accessories as you plan out your story to create the full picture.

With your story set to go, you can begin to set your scene, create a base by laying down a snow blanket or make use of gravel and moss carpets to create your pathways and don’t be afraid to use props. Our experts use boxes under snow blankets to elevate our display villages and create layers to our scene, using miniature trees for the perfect back drop.

Once you are happy with your base, set your buildings and scenes in to place, not forgetting to accentuate your display as you go with fences, walls, and accessories. Place your figures into your story, really creating the quaint little village scene or a town full of the hustle or bustle of Christmas. With themes and collections to suit any taste, you can create any story with our extensive Lemax collection online and in-store.

Don’t forget to add the finishing touches with a dash of glitter and a sprinkle of snow, completing the scene in your Lemax Christmas village.

Technical Lemax Information

With a collection as big as the Lemax Model village collection, you can only expect a range of varied materials and needs for the range of buildings. Lemax create their models using various materials, such as porcelain or polyresin. Both materials are perfect for high-traffic use and durable to last when using them each Christmas season. Both simple to clean and require little maintenance, you will find your building will last for years to come.

Power supply? When it comes to Lemax’s animated, sights and sounds and lighted buildings you will need power to keep them going! Lemax use three methods of power, Battery, Mains, or use of an adaptor. Lemax use a 4.5volt switching mode power supplies for providing electrical power to your product on all models made after 2008.

However, there are buildings that are battery operated and do not require to be plugged into a mains socket, making it more convenient when setting your scene, no messy wires to be seen and no hassle trying to hide them. If you have found the perfect building but do not want battery operated, you can always check your product to see if its compatible with an adaptor to make your building suit your needs!

From 2020, smoking chimneys featured in buildings such as the Chestnut Cabin. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully when filling the buildings water reservoir to keep your chimneys smoking. When the reservoir is low or almost empty, the small red light located by the chimneys button will alert you by flashing red, allowing you to refill your reservoir.

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