Planet Mark: Conscious Gardening

Posted on October 2, 2023

Planet Mark: Conscious Gardening 

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle with ease in your garden!

At Ruxley Manor we’re always thinking of ways we can reduce waste and find more sustainable options for anything and everything we do.

In this blog you’ll find our suggestions for how you can garden more consciously without purchasing new products for your garden. By re-using product packaging such as plant trays, you can re-purpose non-recyclable black plastic trays!

Check back with us regularly for more ways to garden in a sustainable way!

Table of Contents

Re-Purpose: Ruxley Bag For Life

Doing as it says on the bag! Here at Ruxley Manor we are all about sustainability, the green planet and our environment!

So why not join us and re-use your Ruxley bag for life bag as a planter!

How to make your own Ruxley bag planter:

  • Make drainage holes on the bottom
  • Fill to the top with compost
  • Plant your herbs or bulbs
  • Water and watch them grow!

Re-Use: Old Plant Trays as Seeding Trays

Seed trays are a useful piece of kit that help to kick off the planting process! Suitable for fruit, vegetable, flower and herb seeds, seed trays allow you to sow lots of seeds at once. We suggest re-using old plant trays as they’re the perfect solution to seeding trays, with multiple holes you’ll have plenty of space to bring those little seeds to life and grow into seedlings!

You can grab a plant tray from our Till hall to take home today and start your very own recycled seeding tray!

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Re-Use: Vegetable Trays to Chit your Potatoes!

These trays make the perfect tray to start your chitting process!

Just choose your potatoes, lay them out evenly (keeping the ‘eyes’ up) and store in a light and cool location away from the frost.

These are also stackable! so you can chit as many potatoes as you like without taking up too much space!

Grab a tray from the till hall to take home and start your very own recycled chitting tray!

Re-Use: Old Cracked Pots for Tomato Growpots!

This technique helps aid water direct to the root system, minimising spillage!

How to make your own tomato grow-pots:

  • Pick the right compost and loosen it up! 
  • Cut the bottom of your pot 
  • Cut a hole in the bag the size of the pot
  • Remove some compost and set aside
  • Put the top of your pot inside the hole and fill with the compost you set aside
  • Plant your tomatoes, water and watch them grow !

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

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