The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a BBQ 2022

Posted on June 17, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a BBQ

Sear and sizzle your way through the summer season!

Summertime is BBQ time. There’s nothing quite like gathering your nearest and dearest together, firing up the barbeque and enjoying a delicious meal together in the midst of the warm weather. But if you’re new to barbequing, the whole process can seem a bit daunting. Where do you start? How do you light the perfect fire? And how do you know when the meat is cooked to perfection? Never fear, we’re here to provide you with tips and tricks to help you along your BBQ journey. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about barbequing, your guests will most definitely be coming back for seconds (and thirds!). So, get ready to fire up that grill and get ready for some summertime fun!

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When is the BBQ ready?
Too many people rush into cooking on a BBQ, but a single white charcoal on the grill doesn’t mean it’s ready just yet. We recommend waiting until two-thirds of the charcoals are white and have a roughly even temperature before you start grilling anything. Without patience, you might undercook some meat or the flame could go out early, ruining your BBQ before it’s even begun.
Use Baking Paper

Not everyone needs to have all the tools to create a fantastic tasting BBQ when you’re learning, if you’re beginning to grow from a novice in barbequing then there are a few tips and tricks to try before you invest in the right tools to be on your way to being a pro at barbequing.

Wrapping your food in baking paper or placing it in tin foil can make a huge difference to the food you cook, your food could become even juicier once it’s ready to serve. Or you could also reduce the juices that collect in the paper or foil and drizzle them across your food. This small step may seem to be a lot of effort, but it’s worth it for the flavoursome taste that will follow.

How to start a BBQ fire?
Some grillers rely on chemicals to get the fire going, but this just leads to the food tasting of chemicals, which might ruin your hard work. Consider using lumpwood charcoal instead, which is 100% natural and made from beech, hornbeam, birch and oak woods and can easily be lit, having you BBQ ready in no time. Always practice fire safety It’s important you always stay safe when handling a BBQ. You can never leave it unattended, and it should be on a flat area away from shrubs and trees. Once you’re finished using your barbeque, consider pouring cool water on to the heat directly to reduce the temperature of your BBQ, this is to reduce the risk of causing a fire from the heat emitted from the remaining coal or fuel.
How to Safely Prepare Meat for the BBQ?

When it comes to food safety, your first step should be to always ensure that you preheat your grill thoroughly before placing your cuts of meat onto the grill. It’s important to make sure that your meat is fully thawed and/or closer to room temperature before placing it on the grill. If you try to cook cool or frozen meat, it will stick to the grates and be difficult to turn and secondly, if your meat is cooler in the middle during the cooking process you may risk over cooking the outside and drying out your meat to ensure it is safe to eat. You’ll want to ensure that you avoid cross-contamination by using separate cutting boards and knives for raw meat and cooked meat. We recommend using a thermometer to thoroughly check the temperature of your meat. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy a delicious BBQ without any food safety concerns.

When do you know your food is cooked?

When testing your food to quality check and ensure its cooked, poking your produce may result in loss of juice and therefore flavour. Instead, invest in a digital thermometer, this thermometer will tell you exactly when your food has finished cooking without the worry of drying it out. When testing your meat, you’ll want to probe your meat where it’s thickest, as this will be the last part to reach the right temperature throughout.

Cook More with Your BBQ

There’s more to barbequing than searing meat over an open flame, with a touch of creativity your BBQ can really blow your guests away, with the potential to whip up appetizers to desserts.

Grilled vegetables are a delicious and healthy addition to your BBQ meal, just be sure to coat them in oil to prevent them sticking to your grill or by using a pan. When it comes to cooking all things vegetables for your BBQ, we recommend placing them underneath your cooking meat, so as the meat drippings are released, they’ll land on the cooking vegetables below to make them taste even better.

New to the idea of desserts on a barbeque? Why not start by grilling some pineapple or watermelon to add some welcome sweetness to your BBQ spread this summer. Next time you consider firing up your BBQ, just remember that there is more to a BBQ than just simply burgers and hot dogs. With a little imagination, your grill can help you create a delicious and unexpected meal. Bon appétit!

By knowing all the best ways to prepare and cook your food, you can have a great BBQ party. At Ruxley Manor, we have an incredible range of barbecues and accessories that can make your day in your garden or in the sun even more memorable. Contact us today to learn more.

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