Tree Ferns – Dicksonia Antarctica

Posted on July 19, 2023

Tree Ferns

Dicksonia Antarctica

Plant Profile:

Latin Name: Dicksonia Antarctica

Origin: Tasmania and Australia

Common Names: Australian Tree Fern, Tasmanian Tree Ferns, Woolly Tree Fern

Tree Ferns are often always in short supply, our Tree Ferns are a by-product of the Tasmanian forestry industry.

When plantations are harvested – around 60 years from planting, the Tree Ferns which have been growing beneath (for up to 60 years) are either harvested under license or burnt to clear the land for replanting the plantation with timber. Tree Ferns, when not harvested are often burnt as a result of bad weather or a lack of labour.

Once replanted the new tree ferns will naturally begin to grow once again. With a lengthy life span (up to 250 years), Tree Ferns are great for carbon capture.

Our stunning Tree Ferns are perfect statement plants and will undoubtedly add an instant impact, with their fronds will reach 4ft long or more. In the UK, a Tree Fern trunk can grow approximately 25mm or 1inch per year.

In the UK, Tree Ferns are hardy down to -5°C so will happily withstand our current cold winters. To protect Tree Ferns during colder spells, you can cut back the foliage to form a nest and loosely pack the crown with straw or fleece and then cover the top 1′ of the plant with a fleece to protect the crown of the plant – the tree’s trunk will insulate itself quite well, but can be protected as an extra precaution.

Best grown in damp shade (or partial shade), Tree Ferns are also perfect to plant and grow under a tree canopy. Tree Ferns are always best planted in the ground but however, can be planted into containers.

When Tree Ferns are harvested, the roots and leaves are cut away, leaving just the trees trunk remaining. The Fern Trees trunk contains enough energy to regrow fresh leaves and roots, so water freely through the top, but also feed with HSK Tree Fern Feed. Roots can take a year to form once planted, so a regular top watering and damping down the trunk will be essential for the Tree Fern to thrive.

These amazing specimens have been sought after by plant collectors for decades and will only available for as long as the licenses continue to be issued and locals are prepared to do the work, our Australian source has already stopped shipping.

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